How the Canadian military defends its southern borders

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The Canadian Forces in the south of the country are engaged in special operations with elements of the Royal Canadian Regiment. The task is to ensure that no one tries to cross the border from the south to the north on foot or on horseback. train. The forces deployed in the Untied States are based on the grounds of Washington and Fort Knox, as well as two supporting bases: Cape Elizabeth and Fort William. The total strength of the Canadian Forces on these territories approaches 100 thousand soldiers. There are special forces teams engaged in hostage rescue and interdiction operations, and a whole battalion of Royal Marines based on Cape St. John. In the north, the Canadian Army trains and prepares for potential battles on the battlefield. In the event of a conflict, the Canadian Army conducts border security and intelligence operations with partners from the United States, including with the National Security Agency. In the event of a crisis, the Canadian Army conducts joint operations with the Canadian and American military. Canadian Forces members and veterans meet in the United States to stay in the country and provide support. Canada has a special relationship with the American military and the 4th Infantry Division. This is the main combat unit of the Canadian Army. Its soldiers fight alongside the American troops on the battlefield. The 4th Infantry Division is based at Fort William. During battles, it can be called in to assist. During offensives, it carries out roadside operations. During major battles, it performs tank and mortar duties. For a long time, Canadian soldiers took the lead in the fight against Nazi Germany. But in the end, the Americans realized that Canada is a strategic depth and they began to concentrate their efforts on the southern part of the country. Russia. This was due to intelligence that the southern part of the country would be suitable for an annexing Russia. However, Canada did not want to become a colony of the USSR. In 1954, the Canadian government decided to make a formal request to the Soviet government. The reply was a letter, which was later published in the book "People's Papers". In it, it was decided to establish a military base in Canada. Initially, the Canadian forces were concentrated on the Canadian side of the border. But after consulting with their American and British counterparts, it was decided to send the troops to the United States, so that the Americans could protect the border areas themselves. The Canadian government was given the go-ahead to move troops from the Canadian side to the American one. Initially, it was planned to send reconnaissance units, but they were quickly withdrawn. Also, it was decided to provide a place for tank and infantry battalions to train. But the local American population was not at all impressed with the idea of using Canadian troops. Nevertheless, in early 1956, the Canadian government agreed to send a representative of the Canadian Army to the United States on official business. This change in the status of