The biggest and most luxurious homes in the world

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The original source of this material can be found here . For questions about education abroad in schools, universities, camps, courses, please contact us at or by phone 8-800-775-54-97Glory The largest private house on earth belongs to a private residence called "Antilia " in Mumbai, India. It was built in 2006 by order of a local billionaire. The total area exceeds 37 thousand square meters, and the number of rooms is very close to a thousand: 994 are at the service of the owner rooms, corridors, halls, pavilions, and galleries. Another rich Hindu, Mukesh Ambani, can compete with him – he owns a 27-story skyscraper in the same Mumbai. The height of the building is 194 meters, and the cost exceeds two billion dollars. This the most expensive house on earth. This has always been the case. The underground Soviet millionaire had to live on a single salary and carefully hide the wealth that belonged to him, while abroad (which is under lock and key) the rich sought to clearly demonstrate their superiority over other mortals in everything. Expensive cars, fancy suits, jewelry worth the annual income of a small Eastern European country and houses-fortresses, palaces, fairy-tale castles. The duty is to show the best side of the medal. In this article, we will purposely avoid touching on presidential and royal residences owned by to the state. Otherwise, the undisputed leader would be the residence of the chairman of the Communist Party of China in Beijing, the Jurnanhai complex: its construction cost 38.85 billion dollars, and the area exceeds 3.5 million square meters. Antilia, Mumbai, IndiaLet's talk more about "Antilia". It was built in 2010. The estimated cost is between 28.85 and 39.85 billion dollars. The vast majority of the total investment — 36.25 billion. It has two floors. The house has a unique emblem: a tiger sitting on a throne, holding in its paws the flag of India. The interior space is organised into four floors, on which there are 13 floors. There are 73 rooms, a theater hall, several halls and squares. On In 2010, the house underwent a major facelift, and development was restarted on all levels. On In total, 3.97 thousand square meters of new space were installed, and the cost of the project increased to 4.05 billion dollars. On In 2010, the area of the house was increased to 5,026 square meters, and the cost increased to 7.1 billion. The area of the house has increased by almost 1000 square meters. Balcony, London, Great BritainIn 2011, the House of Sir Winston Churchill was enlarged by two hundred meters, and the residence on the south side of the river was redesigned — from 2.